Saturday, March 30, 2019

Sweet Sixteen Part 4.

Thanks to a close to unbelievable end of the Virginia Purdue game I was 1-1 on Saturday's games.  Texas Tech made me a loser against Gonzaga. Er, Gonzaga made Gonzaga a loser. What a poor performance by the Zags. I hear that Mark Few is a very good person and very good coach. So I feel for him.  The Zags just did not come up big, and Texas Tech did.

But Virginia. Well how do you tie a game down by three when you are shooting two foul shots with five seconds left.  That was amazing. And then not only do they win the game in OT, but manage to hit all foul shots at the end including 2 with 1.3 seconds left while up only three, in order to make people in Las Vegas who bet on Virginia delirious.  Spread was 4 1/2. Final score 80-75.  Win by the hook.

Running record 24-33-1.

Five games left. In an attempt to win back the fictitious money and break even, I could bet the over/under as well as against the spread.  This is what the state of Nevada counts on. Try to bet more to win back what you lost. Since the odds of winning are not good, if you try to win back what you lost, you will wind up, in most situations, losing more than you had been losing.  I'll just bet against the spread.

For Sunday

Give the 2 and bet Duke against Michigan State.
Give the 4.5 and take Kentucky over Auburn

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