Sunday, March 24, 2019

Come back

Well, finally, a day, Saturday, when I had some level of success.

On Friday night, after the first 32 games I had picked 6, correctly. 6 out of 32.  Or, if one takes the "by the heart" picks into consideration, the record was 7 wins 24 losses and one push.

So 7 winners out of 32, the first two days. Yesterday, Saturday, I picked 7 out of 8.  Three of those were by the hook and Gonzaga gave it everything they could to blow it for my fictitious picks when some very good foul shooters missed shots at the end.  (The picks are fictitious since I am not actually wagering, writing and musing and picking from Waltham, MA not Reno Nevada). But when the dust cleared I had won 7 out of 8.

After forty games, my record is (with from heart wagers taken into consideration) 14-25-1. This means that even if I pick all 8 correctly today, which I will not, I will be under 500.    Another bit of evidence to support that a reason Las Vegas has all those lights is because people typically lose when they bet. Even bettors who know the games they play and study the games, cannot win regularly.

Therefore, don't actually put down a dime on the following. I really don't have a great feeling about any of these except Buffalo, and even there I am not sure. Of course, on Thursday I picked 8 Best Bets and lost every single one of them.

Iowa take the 8 points against Tennessee
Washington take the 11.5 against UNC
UCF take the 13.5 against Duke
Buffalo take the 4 against Texas Tech
VT give the 8.5 against Liberty
Virginia give the 10.5 against Oklahoma
Houston give the 6 against Ohio State
Oregon give the 5 against UCI

I belong to a facebook group of people who travel to Las Vegas for the games. The comments from these folks about this year's experience have not been all that positive. Tougher to get good seats to watch the games, lines are longer, ATMs much more expensive than in the past--(an ATM is a cash cow in these places, with all the people losing money so quickly).  When I read the comments on the site before Wednesday I thought wistfully about the experience. Now, though, I have the same sense I tried to relay in The Madness of March. By Sunday you have had it. Even if you have been winning, the difficulty finding a good seat, the beer, the food consumption which typically ignores any of the essential food groups unless chicken wings is a food group, the noise.  You are whipped by Sunday.

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