Tuesday, December 8, 2020


This evening I began watching CNN. I saw two stories. One about the Supreme Court decision and a second about COVID policies. In each an expert or experts were brought in to comment on the issues.

Then I switched to FOX to see if that station would acknowledge the Supreme Court decision. There I also watched a story about COVID and the Supreme Court decision.

The two networks' reporting were antithetical. On Fox, it was as if I was watching a story from a government sponsored station in a dictatorship.

I can see now why Fox viewers might feel as if there is no need to wear a mask or change their behavior during the pandemic. The Fox expert sounded exasperated that the governor of Michigan had tightened restrictions on businesses. He asserted that COVID really only hurts old people and those with preexisting conditions. The rest of the population should not be restricted. On CNN three doctors were concerned about the surge of cases.

Two experts discussing the Supreme Court decision on Fox contended that despite the decision the fight to reverse the election results was not over. An expert on CNN asserted that the Supreme Court decision ended any remaining notions that Trump would emerge as the victor. Two completely opposite perspectives.

I see the president speaking about how he won and claiming that "everyone" knows he's won.  He was unmasked when he made the statement.  Our president has lost touch with reality.  And his, for all purposes, government run television station is supporting foolish and dangerous behavior.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Four More Years

 I read today that President Trump phoned the governor of Georgia, urging him to overturn the results in that state. When the governor, a Republican, refused Trump double downed on his prior condemnations of the governor.  

We have not seen such reprehensible behavior in the 244 years of our American history.  Compared to the various claims undermining what was a fair election--without any evidence to support the accusations--what Nixon did-(Nixon, no small slime ball in his own right)  committed something akin to jaywalking with his various Watergate transgressions.

How many offenses has Trump committed in the month since the election alone.  He did not concede an election he lost disrupting a smooth and safe transition.  He threatened those who were in charge of the election. He implicitly encouraged or at least did not discourage violence against those who honestly tried to count votes.  He ignored a raging medical crisis to monomaniacally attempt to reverse the people's will.  He went to the podium to praise the Dow Jones breaking 30,000 while there are people and small businesses sinking. He is, more actively than ever before, destroying the Republican party.  And he has stolen money from the very people who supported him by soliciting contributions that will line his pockets.

Great. Four more years.