Tuesday, March 19, 2019

It's happening

A cousin wrote to me this morning wanting to know if I was in Las Vegas.

Not going this year. Too much going on. However, I have become excited by visiting a website that is for those people who go.  If you were engaged by my book, you will find this site engaging as well. https://www.facebook.com/groups/mmilv/2086217248141908/?comment_id=2134418259988473&notif_id=1553012179111167&notif_t=group_comment_reply

On a self promotion note, I have another book coming out within the next few weeks. It is about the intersection of Sports and Communication. It is a text, so not written like the Madness of March.  Just fyi.

So, this morning I had something called a Barium Swallow.  Just a blast.  In order to rule out something sinister, I had to fast for 13 hours, then drink quite a bit of something that was flavored to make it bearable without a good deal of success. (the flavoring. I was able to drink it just fine). Perhaps this is a bit of an ahora (if you are not a member of the tribe, this means essentially a jinx) but since they were going to call me today if there was something ominous and the only calls I have had are from people trying to sell me items that they think I need, but I do not, I figure the prognosis is life.  And now my only task on the medical front is getting this damn barium out of my system.  (note: there is no ice cream flavor called Barium)

Given the good news (while spitting at a jinx in case my doctor is waiting until after 6 to give me a buzz), I can pick my brackets relatively comfortably.

Teams to look out for:  What the hell do I know?

As I point out in the Madness of March, if you bet against the spread you have no better or worse idea of who is going to win than a so called expert. 

If you don't bet against the spread, then I think if Zion is playing, Duke is a very tough out. I think Belmont wins tonight against Temple.  I think Cincinnati will win a game or two.  In the women's bracket, you do not want to face UCONN since they were dissed by the committee. I like them to win it all.

Back to the men. I think UNC will not advance to the final 4 and you might as well say Kaddish for Gonzaga right now. Any team that gets pummeled by St. Mary's should not be on the 1 line.  I'd love to love Wofford, but I don't. I'd love to love Buffalo because I went to grad school there but I will be surprised if they get to the sweet sixteen. Syracuse with that zone will win a game or two. Minnesota will beat Louisville, and Vermont can not do.

Now, take everything I suggested and bet against these teams on the Money line and you will be able to buy a new snazzy outfit on Monday.

Just saying: Northeastern is playing in the first round and if they did not have to shlep across the country and play a perennial power house (Kansas) they could have won a game. In addition to the men's tourney, the women are in the WNIT, and men's hockey are in the semi finals of the Hockey East.

I like Hofstra and the nine points against NC State in the NIT tonight.

Such fun to be a fan.

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