Sunday, March 24, 2019

Iowa fans and bettors.

Iowa lost, but there are people in Des Moines that are dancing.

Down 20 plus in the first half Iowa came back to tie in regulation. But eventually they lost by 6 in overtime.

However the spread was 8.

If you bet on the Hawkeyes you can enjoy the corn on the cob in Iowa City.

Meanwhile the end of the game provided another example illustrating that players and coaches do not think of the spread. Iowa missed a shot down by 6, Tennessee had the ball with just a few seconds left and nobody was guarding anyone.  Had the Tennessee player dribbled to the basket for an uncontested layup the bettors for Tennessee would have had a push, i.e. not lost the bet.  Instead they were losers and, no doubt, spewed loud profanities in casinos.  Particularly so, if the Tennessee bettors spent their dough before the second half commenced since their team had a 20 point lead at the time.

Oh, and 1 for 1 for me after game 1.

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