Thursday, March 28, 2019

Sweet Sixteen Part 1

Fresh off a disastrous Thursday and Friday last week, I continue this 2019 March Madness with the following picks.

My record going into tonight is 20-27-1.

Note there are five picks here. Four games and one Over pick. Betting the Over indicates that the total points will exceed the number the oddsmakers have established. So, the oddsmakers put the Over/Under at 124.5 for Michigan Texas Tech.  If those teams combine to score more than 124 than the Over is a winning wager.

Five opportunities to demonstrate what little someone who knows, knows.

Purdue take the 1.5 over Tennessee.
Virginia give the 8.5 against Oregon
Gonzaga give the 8 over Florida State
Michigan give the 1.5 against Texas Tech
Michigan/Texas Tech--Take the Over 124.5

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