Thursday, March 21, 2019

Some thoughts on the first 8

My earlier blog post was titled limited wisdom.  That is about the only thing that was accurate about it.

After the first eight games I am 1-7.

I've written in the Madness of March that betting on the NCAA games against the spread is like betting on the flip of the coin.  I would have done better with a flip of the coin.  It is true that if I had bet the two in the category of "heart and not my head" against the money line, I would have indeed picked KS over NU giving up only 6 1/2 points, and Belmont over Maryland getting three which would have been a push. Still that would have only made me 2-5-1.

Some thoughts:

  • I am not sure Auburn could have tried any harder to give the game away to New Mexico State.  However, after that stinker I think they will do well against Kansas.
  • A number of the favorites were sleeping.  Michigan State should not have had to duke it out with Bradley. Florida State did not take Vermont seriously. LSU just did not have its feet on the pedal.  Give the opponents credit, but those games should not have been so close.
  • My employer, the Northeastern Huskies, deserve credit--not for today's game--they just played poorly, but for a great season.  They had a very tough draw with Kansas.  Kansas has talent for a 1 or 2 seed. They were the preseason favorites to win it all. They lost some players but still none of our players would get much playing time if they were on Kansas's team.  We did not play great defense today, but it was David and Goliath out there.
  • Belmont could have gotten a better shot off with that last possession.  Even if the pass was not deflected, it was low percentage. Also, they would have been better off had the opponent made the last foul shot because then at least they could have passed it up the court.
  • I am really surprised that Murray State did so well against Marquette.  
So 1-7 going into the night games.  At least my money line emotional picks are gone.  If my, it's a flip of the coin, theory holds true, I should win a majority of these tonight. 

 If I was in Las Vegas right now, I might have to borrow money for the buffet.

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