Friday, March 22, 2019

Home Sweet Home

It is a good thing that I am in Boston and not Nevada this morning.

If you follow my blog, read my March Madness picks for Thursday, and then compared them with the scores, you would notice that "Limited Wisdom" is an apt title for that blog entry.

Of the sixteen selections, I was correct on exactly two of them. Two out of the sixteen.  Of the multiple losses, Old Dominion lost by 13 when I selected them getting 12.5.  Villanova won by 4 when I had given away 4.5   Swell day to be in Boston and not Nevada. Even for someone who does not bet much when I am in Las Vegas, this would have been a down day.

If you read that Limited Wisdom blog carefully you saw that I made 8 recommendations which I called Best Bets.  Every single one was a loser.  I bet two others with my heart and not my head, and my head would have helped since these two were losers.  Then I recommended six more under the category of Iffy as opposed to best bets and there I won two.

I do know something about college basketball, and typically do better than this, but these results reflect just how difficult betting against the spread can be.  I am in a bracket as well where you bet on winners, not winners against the spread, and there I won 11 out of 16. Not spectacular, 11, but better than 2.

Here is my wisdom for day 2. Bet the other way.

  1. north dakota state + 27 1/2 over duke
  2. ucf -1 over vcu
  3. Virginia -21 1/2 over Gardner Webb
  4. Mississippi -1 over Oklahoma
  5. Cincinnati - 3 1/2 over Iowa
  6. Tennessee -17/5 over Colgate
  7. North carolina -22 1/2 over Iona
  8. Utah State -3 Washington
  9. Ohio State + 5 1/2 over Iowa State
  10. Georgia +12 over Houston
  11. ASU + 4.5 over Buffalo
  12. Texas Tech -13 over N. Kentucky
  13. MSU - 6.5 over Liberty
  14. St. Louis +10 over Virginia Tech
  15. Wisconsin -2 over Oregon
  16. Kansas State -4.5 UC Irvine

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