Friday, March 29, 2019

Sweet Sixteen Part 2

Only two for five last night.  Michigan was suffocated by Texas Tech and did not come close to scoring enough to help with the Over.  Virginia prevailed but could not cover against a better Oregon team than I thought.  Gonzaga did come through for me as did Purdue.

Two for five is not bad, and is excellent compared to the 2 for 16 which was opening day last Thursday.  Forty percent is about right for betting against the spread. Consequently, if you do not want to lose money stay away from the following predictions for tonight.

Give away the 6.5 and take Michigan State over LSU
Give away the 8 and take Duke over Virginia Tech
Take the 2 1/2 and bet Houston over Kentucky
As much as I wish I did not have to, and I will root against my bet, but Give away the 5 1/2 and take North Carolina over Auburn.

Just saying, that in my brackets I am doing pretty well. I had both Gonzaga and Texas Tech advancing to the Elite 8 as well as Virginia.  So of the four who have already advanced to the Elite 8 I have 3 in my brackets.

Record so far for the tournament against the spread and Over/Under 22-30-1.  Moral of the story, do not bet on college basketball against the spread.

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