Saturday, April 6, 2019

Final Four

I did not check in after Sunday's games.  One might infer from the absence that I was suffering from the ignominy of losing both games on that day. Not the case. 

Not the case that that was the reason for not writing. Certainly I had an ignominious performance predicting games. Both Duke lost as did Kentucky, and I was "certain" of the latter and felt good about Duke as well.

To make matters worse on the forecasting front, I had been doing quite well in my brackets pool before last Sunday. If Kentucky had won, and certainly if Duke and Kentucky both won, I would have likely taken home the number one prize among the thirty or so fools who pay the ante each March in anticipation of a payday. Alas, now not only did I lose both games last week and not win the pool, but no matter what happens tonight or on Monday I will (a) be a loser in my  blogging predictions, and (b) can finish no higher than 2nd in the bracket pool.  The latter is still better than I have ever done before. No doubt, however, I have just given the chances of any sort of payday, an ahora. 

So, don't pay attention to my predictions.

I like Virginia to cover the 6 points against Auburn.  Betting against Auburn last week was my demise, but I think they just played over their heads.  I think Virginia prevails. Six points in a final four game is a lot of lumber, but I think Virginia will win.

I have bet against Texas Tech for two games now.  I will not do it again.  Take the two points in its game against Michigan State.

Some serious comments now.  I cannot figure out how Texas Tech is playing defense in such a way as to completely stymie its opponents.  Buffalo, a team that had been lighting it up all season, could barely get a shot off. Similarly Gonzaga looked like they had sniffed Kryptonite against Texas Tech.  This coach is going to be worth many shekels in the off season. I've watched basketball my whole life and seen many different quirky defenses. These guys are not just quick with their hands, they are putting themselves in position so that they can be quick with their hands.  Now watch, MSU will light them up. Izzo is no slouch in the coaching department. Ordinarily I would go with Izzo, but Texas Tech is playing defense as if they have six guys out there. And I believe, seriously, whatever they are doing will be studied and copied. They have revolutionized the game in a way I do not understand, but others soon will.

My record is 24-35-1 for the tournament against the spread.  And I know what I am talking about.

Reminds me of an old Buddy Hackett joke. A couple is arguing in an elevator in Las Vegas. The wife has just dropped 100 bucks playing blackjack. The husband is furious. The wife says, "Well hey, you lost 300."  The husband still furious, shouts back, "Yeah, but I know how to gamble."

I know basketball. Against the spread, 24-35-1. (But still alive in the brackets).

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