Monday, March 25, 2019

Something Approaching Normalcy

The dust has cleared.

Forty eight games have been played in the most exciting sporting weekend including the super bowl.  The fans who flew to Las Vegas to bet on the first weekend of March Madness are now back home, feeling headachy for having kept long hours and consumed too much beer. They do not want to recount what they have eaten since Wednesday.

I stayed at home, exercised daily, had a broiled piece of chicken with a baked potato last night--and picked every single game from the comfort of a regular domicile.

And I have more money in my pocket because of it.

On the first two days of the tournament I picked, at best--accounting for two betting with heart and not head selections--7 correctly, 24 incorrectly, with one push.

On the last two days I rebounded. Had I been in Las Vegas I might have taken an early return flight after the first two days, so who knows if I would have even wagered on Saturday and Sunday. But in the simulation I did quite well on Saturday and Sunday. I selected 7 out of 8 correctly on Saturday and 6 out of 8 on Sunday, all against the spread.

Sum total of my wagering on 48 games.  Twenty wins. Twenty seven losses. One push. 

This is why there are hotels on Las Vegas Boulevard. I know much more about college basketball than most.  I had two great days on Saturday and Sunday.  But still, after picking 13 out of 16 correctly the last two days, I would still be very much in the red had I travelled to Nevada. And this of course does not count the costs of the flight and lodging.

Brackets: I am still alive. I have 13 out of the 16 left. 

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