Thursday, June 2, 2016

Golden State in 5 or 4.

I went to a site a few moments ago where 29 experts weighed in--predicting the outcome to the NBA championship series.  All 29 predicted the series will go at least six games.  Most predicted the Warriors will prevail.

The Warriors will prevail, but not in 6 or 7.   I've been mega wrong before, so if I have to eat my hat after the series, I've had some practice consuming the sombrero, but I do not see how Cleveland will compete.

LeBron James is the best player on the planet. Steph Curry deserved the MVP because he is sensational, but you take Draymond Green off of Golden State, and Steph Curry would not shine as he does, because the Warriors would not win as much as they do.  LeBron could play with me as his right hand man and still win on a regular basis.  However, after LeBron the horses Cleveland has are not that extra.  JR Smith can shoot, but he has had bouts as a fruitcake. This is the guy who, twice, was penalized because he tied the shoe laces of opponents together while they were on the foul line. The NBA championship setting is not grade 3.  Kevin Love has talent, but I don't think he has "it". Kyrie Irving I have not seen play much, but even if he is very good I don't see him to be enough of a difference maker.

The Warriors on the other hand won, in case you forgot, 73 games out of 82 this year.  They lost only nine times before the playoffs and showed their grit not only in this last series with the Thunder, but also when playing all out at the end of the season to earn the record for most wins in a season.  In addition, the Warriors have a player, Iguodala, who does not even start and was the MVP of the playoffs last year. He is a difference maker on the defensive end and, now and again, offensively.  Throw in Barbosa who is wild but a streaky scorer, Shaun Livingston who started when Curry was injured, the guy they call Mo Buckets, and two bona fide back up centers--I don't see how the Warriors lose even a single game.  I also think the Warriors have the edge with coaching.  Lue is a rookie coach and by all indications a good one, but this is year one--at any level.

Now watch Cleveland win by thirty tonight. But unless Green gets himself tossed out of a game or two for some of his shenanigans, I don't see it. I think the Warriors will win the series and do so relatively easily.

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