Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Forecast at midnight

I love Lebron James. I think he is the best player thus far in the 21st century.

However, about an hour after the Warriors defeated the Thunder in game 7, I'll predict that the Cavaliers will be shellacked in the Finals. James has "it", but Kevin Love does not. Not sure about Irving--and then who else is there.  If James can be kept human--and without a supporting cast, he should be kept relatively quiet--who is going to make a positive difference for the Cavaliers.

Golden State in 5, maybe 4.


  1. HI ZEKE As a Lebron fan I hope you're wrong. Last year without Love and Irving they went 6 games. Recently ( a bit more than occasionally) they play great team ball, get hot, and can't miss a shot. They can also degenerate into selfish ball hogs . GS in
    4 or 5? Don't bet on it. Nothing is better than a game seven. Take care, Gene

  2. I like LeBron a lot. He was great in the Olympics and is a true team player. Not sure there is enough of a team around him. I agree--nothing like a game 7--it will be fun if it goes 7, but I do not see it. Thanks as always for reading my musings.