Sunday, June 19, 2016

Shocked and surprised.

This is why it is a good thing I do not live in Nevada.

I was sure that the Warriors would win this series. The Warriors had not lost three games in a row all season. And they just did. Steph Curry played a very bad game for an MVP--turnovers and missed shots. Klay Thompson could not get open. And Steve Kerr was out coached by a rookie coach.

The only player who came up like a stud for the Warriors was Draymond Green.  Otherwise a team stinker.

On the other side, King James, was King James when it mattered. And a tip of the hat to Kyrie Irving who hit a dagger of a three point goal in the last minute.

Congratulations to Cleveland. And while I was seriously pulling for the Warriors, the saving grace is that LeBron James was able to do what he promised. Return to Cleveland--the town he dissed when he went to Miami-- and immediately take his teams to the championship finals, this year prevailing. James blocked at least three shots that I can recall and one in the tight fourth quarter.  He made big baskets down the stretch.  I think he played the entire second half.

Anybody think that maybe the Warriors should have gone for two with that last possession? Cleveland was out of timeouts and the Warriors only real chance was to score twice anyway.  So if they were given a two, why not take it, then maybe try to steal.

Throughout the series Lue called timeouts whenever Golden State was about to go on a run. Really Lue did a good job with his thin bench. Kerr on the other hand made some bonehead substitutions sticking in a really worthless Ezeeli on a number of occasions.

I hope my cat comes back, I was screaming so loud when Curry threw a behind the back pass out of bounds, he must have thought that there was a risk in returning to the premises.

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