Friday, June 17, 2016

Game 7 on the horizon

LeBron James is the best player on the planet.  Again, he showed that tonight after doing the same thing in Oakland a few nights ago.  His life was made easier because Andre Iguodola could not move and Andrew Bogut is out with an injury, but still James seized the moment.  Kyrie Irving was not nearly as effective as he had been on Monday so James had to do it essentially alone. And he did.

Stephen Curry, on the other hand, had a stinker of a game. Yes, he had thirty points, but he threw the ball away so many times and made at least two bonehead fouls which cost the Warriors. Not smart and not focussed.

I still believe that the Warriors will prevail. I, of course, have been wrong about the victory coming in five games.  If Iguodola cannot play it will be tougher.  Harrison Barnes, a really good player, has got to get out of his shooting slump as does Shaun Livingston--but if Green plays something like Green and Irving plays like a human being as opposed to how he played in game 5, I don't see Cleveland prevailing. Curry cannot play like a donkey and Thompson has to hit in both halves.

James has surely made the case that he should have gotten at least some votes for MVP.  He has been more consistent than Curry and he just does not have the supporting cast that Curry does.

In sum, Iguodola's health is a factor, as he typically guards James.  But Barnes will get off the Shnide, Thompson will have a good game, and the crowd will help the Warriors be the Warriors.

P.S. Contrary to my prediction about the Warriors' superiority (I WAS accurate through the first four games) the total points for each team after six games is exactly even.

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