Sunday, June 12, 2016

Game 5 Forecast

Even if Draymond Green is suspended for Game 5 on Monday, the Cavaliers will be shellacked. LeBron will be great, but Kyrie Irving is due for a stinker of a game,  Kevin Love is not a game changer, and Richard Jefferson and Tristan Thompson have played their best games in the series.

If Green is out, the Warriors would start Iguodala who is brilliant.  While the team will certainly miss Green, they will win easily with Iguodala playing more minutes.   Also, keep in mind that Curry and Thompson have not yet had one of their ridickalus games as a tandem when they are raining threes from all over the orbit.  In addition, Barbosa is due and Marreese Speights can get hot and he has hardly played in the series. Never mind that Harrison  Barnes would be the stud on most teams in the league.  Likewise Shaun Livingston.

As we said in Brooklyn when the teams on one of our playground matches seemed uneven--"Slaughter Sides."   Warriors by double digits maybe twenty.

It might be time to pause to acknowledge just how amazing the Golden State Warriors are as a team.  It also might be time to acknowledge how great Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder are.  The Thunder took the Warriors to 7 games in the west championship.  And it was on Durant's and Westbrook's backs.

LeBron James should shoot a bit more and may have lost a tiny step, but geez his greatness is made all the more apparent when you think that before he came to Cleveland, the Cavaliers were from hunger, yet as soon as he got on the team they went to the finals twice in a row.  But he cannot do it all.

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