Monday, June 13, 2016

mea culpa

Well, I got this one wrong.  I am glad I do not live in Nevada and hope the people I saw in the locker room did not call their bookies. I announced to all my gym cronies that I all but guaranteed that Golden State would prevail tonight.  I did, accurately, predict that James would have a great game. And that Love is a stiff. But I did not think that Kyrie Irving would come up so big or that Curry, Barnes, and Iguodala would have pedestrian games.

So, first my apologies to Kyrie Irving. He shot the lights out and scored 41 points. He could not miss. I will comment in my forecasting defense that Irving was other worldly.  And of the 112 total points that Cleveland scored, James and Irving scored 82.  I don't think that is sustainable.

 James is James. He is the best player of the 21st century.  Just stunning. But Irving--he was shooting like Jerry West, Oscar Robertson, and John Havlicek rolled into one.

I think I will skip the gym tomorrow.  I might take some heat from anyone who bet dough on the game on the basis of my, er, certainty.

Maybe I should buy a new car with the money I saved by not being in Las Vegas and betting the farm on the Warriors tonight.

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