Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Time to Make Hay

In Sports when a team X plays poorly in the beginning of a game and the opponent Y does not take advantage of the miscues--announcers--appropriately, say that Team Y needs to take advantage of the weaknesses or rue the lost opportunities.

I am concerned about the upcoming election.  I think Donald Trump would be an economic and safety disaster for the country.  It is not that I don't like him--I don't, but that is not why I write this. And I don't think he will be a disaster because of the, almost daily, absurd things he has said. Calling John McCain out because he was caught; referring to two of his Republican challengers as "those two morons"; suggesting that we should build a wall and force our peaceful neighbor Mexico to pay for it--attributing a judge's decisions on matters unrelated to Mexico, on the judge's Mexican born parents--even though the judge was born in Indiana.  These are all outrageous.  The most recent mind boggling comment--that people who go drinking in clubs ought to have guns strapped to them for protection--well, there are no words.

But all these lumped together is not what has me concerned. What has me concerned is the man's complete lack of humility and his born-with-a-silver-spoon-in-his-mouth sense, that he can and has done no wrong.

I am concerned that Trump might win.  I just saw two of Hilary Clinton's ads on youtube. They are very powerful--to me. Then I read comments by viewers.  There were as many people who said that the ads solidified their support for Trump than otherwise.  I read the poll numbers today. Clinton is creeping up--but not by that much.  This guy is a lunatic and he is still not getting blown out in Pennsylvania and Ohio and Florida.

This is the time to make hay.  This is the time when Clinton must make the lead insurmountable.  As is the case in sports contests, if you let a team hang around they can come back to beat you.

Trump reminds me of the egomaniac husband in the old joke about a husband who can't understand why his wife cannot climax.  The husband goes to the doctor and explains the problem.  The doctor scratches his chin. He suggests that the couple hire a stud and have the stud come into the bedroom when the married couple is about to engage. The doctor suggests that during the intimacy the stud vigorously wave a towel.  So, the egomaniac tries it. He has sex with his wife while a stud waves a towel. Of course his wife still does not climax. The egomaniac husband goes back to the doctor and says that the doctor's great idea did not work. The doctor scratches his chin again and makes a related suggestion.  He says that they should go back to the room with the stud. But this time have the stud have sex with the wife while the husband waves the towel.  They go back to the bedroom with the stud. The stud and the egomaniac's wife engage while the husband waves the towel.  Within a few moments the woman starts to moan and then gives out with a long suppressed wild scream as she climaxes. The stud collapses onto the woman as the two of them are spent.  The egomaniac smirks.  He walks over to where the couple is entwined and pokes the naked shoulder of the stud and then his wife.  They turn sideways to see him. The husband, still smirking, is nodding his head up and down. "See" he says as he puts a finger in the air and arches his eyebrows, "That's the way you wave a towel."

This is Trump. Whatever happens he takes credit for. Whatever failures exist are the doings of someone else. He loses a primary and it is because of Lying Ted Cruz.  The polls go down, it is the damn media.  He has millions of dollars due in large part to daddy starting him off with a boatload of shekels--Trump claims success.  Trump University is being sued, it's the goddamn Mexican judge's fault. Everything he owns has his name on it.  I'm surprised he doesn't ask his maid to hand him the Trump fork and Trump spoon when he is about to dine, or to fetch him a Trump glass of water.

As president he would drive us to disaster. And Clinton and the Democrats have to make that point not primarily to people like me,  but to those who have not yet made up their mind.

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