Friday, June 24, 2016

Hold Onto Your Hat

The Dow is down 450 points as of this typing.

Let's see this was fueled because the UK decided to withdraw from the European Union and become independent.  Hmm. Does it make sense to anyone on planet earth that one can become independent in the 21st century.  Is there really any such thing as a country's economic independence any longer? If there was, how come the global markets went down overnight like a boulder in a bath tub.  Here I live in Boston, MA and because of voters in say Bath, UK, my net worth has gone down.  And I am hardly a high roller.  Folks who really have shekels, have certainly taken a hit.

The idea of independence, as I have written in previous blogs, is really an illusion. We are all connected and in the 21st century even more so.  Trump's absurd Put America First mantra is either a reflection of a lobotomy or his venality.  And I am betting the latter. That is, he thinks he--personally-can prosper in a down global economy. Because, guess what folks, the days of independence are gone. Every thing is connected. Every thing.   Metaphorically, a guy sneezes in Peru and you will catch a cold.

Isolation does not work for individuals any better.  I am more of a loner and independent than the average bear, but I know that I am connected whether I like it or not.  I am connected to people I haven't seen in years and I am connected to people I have never seen.  I read this morning that some goofball running for Congress has a campaign motto Make America White Again. First of all. Fuck him.  We really need idiots like this to poison our lives?  Second of all, besides the fact that he is an inconsiderate stupid bigot, he does not get it. There is no white. There is no black.  There is no Haiti and there is no Finland. There is no New Zealand and there is no Rwanda.  Those are political ersatz constructions. We are all together.  We are one.

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