Sunday, June 5, 2016


So far I am looking like a sage as Golden State defeated the Cavaliers in game one and is in the process of annihilating the Cavaliers in game two. As I write these words Cleveland is losing by 32 points.  The things I wrote in my prediction blogs have come to pass.  Golden State has a bench that is terrific and Cleveland just doesn't have the horses.

That written, and despite the shellacking the Cavaliers are getting, I am a little concerned about the Warriors chances of sweeping.  Golden State has defended as good as a team can defend. Draymond Green shot three pointers like Curry. Iguodala played a second consecutive great game.  Bogut was blocking shots like he was Bill Russell. And Leandro Barbosa performed like a scoring champ. However, in the first half Curry was pedestrian and threw the ball away many times. Had it not been for Green bombing threes and Barbosa playing so well, I think the game would have been close.

Cleveland will play better in Cleveland.  Iguodala, Green, Barbosa, Bogut, and Livingston cannot continue to play so well. Cleveland will be mega motivated after having been embarrassed. Still, the Warriors are just too good for the Cavaliers. Cleveland has the best player but after him there is nobody else.

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