Sunday, June 12, 2016

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This just in five hours after my blog post Game 5 in which I wrote that if Green were to be suspended the Warriors would still win: Draymond Green has been suspended for Game 5.  Consequently, the point spread has been reduced to 6 from 6.5.

If I was in Las Vegas I would bet the farm that Golden State will cover the spread.  I am cautious by nature and only bet small amounts when I am in Las Vegas.  But I would be a large chunk on this game. There is only one player on Cleveland with both courage and skill--that is LeBron James. The rest of the guys are not prime time players who could stand up to the crazy noise that will be in Oakland on Monday night.

The only thing that might retard a ferocious effort by Golden State is knowing that Green cannot even be in the building for the game.  I wonder if Green can come to the building after the game to celebrate with his teammates.   He should be allowed to do so.

Curry and Thompson will have a game for the ages on Monday, and Barnes, Livingston, Barbosa, Iguodala will all also be strong.

Golden State will win by double digits.

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