Sunday, March 8, 2015


It's a year now, dad.

It's been a brutal winter here. Just awful.  Four serious snow storms. Single digit temperatures have been the norm. Twice I had to call AAA to jump my car to get to work.

The last time I was in Florida the forecasters were predicting 40 degrees for the area and issuing wind chill alerts.  Today we are finally going to crack 40 degrees here in Boston and I think people are going to barbecue.

The Patriots won the super bowl. It was terrific.  An undrafted rookie made an interception at the goal line at the last minute.  Thrilling. Tom Brady--now no kid pushing 38--started jumping up and down like a happy child.  I guess, when you peel away the crud that accrues, we all have the potential for jumping up and down like a happy child.

Sam's kid will be having his bar mitzvah later this month, and Hillel's daughter will be married in April.  Your great grand kids are so gorgeous.

Bobby and I are doing okay.  I need a hip so look a bit like Walter Brennan in the real McCoys when I move around.  Biggest pain is in my head.  Once I get it done supposedly I will be able to play tennis again.  Otherwise, fine. Had my annual checkup and I am good to go.  Bobby's doing great. Saw him a few weeks back when I was snowed in, in New York.  Stayed at his house and we shmoozed and generally hung out.

People say you are in a better place when the subject comes up.  Don't think so. This is the place as far as I am concerned.  Send me a postcard and let me know if I am wrong.  (A little bit of your type of humor).

I hear regularly how you touched so many lives.  No surprise that. You certainly touched mine.  I miss you.

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