Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cats and Dogs

The undefeated season of the Kentucky Wildcats will end tonight.  The Georgia Bulldogs will be victorious.


No good reason.  The Wildcats are so deep that their second team could probably defeat Georgia.  In the SEC tournament should the two collide in Nashville, Kentucky will prevail by 25.

But tonight in Athens with Kentucky having butchered their last five opponents, the Wildcats are due for a letdown.  Somewhere deep in their heads they know that if they are going to lose a game this year, this is the time to do it.  You don't want to lose in the SEC tournament and maybe relinquish an almost guaranteed one seed in the Big Dance.  You sure don't want to lose in the Big Dance where it is one and done.

So, this is the time to lose.

And for Georgia. They will be playing out of their skulls on senior night against an undefeated foe and annual rival.  Their season will be a successful one if they are the team to bring down Kentucky.

The spread is 10.  Georgia lost by eleven at Kentucky a few weeks ago.   The points are enticing, and likely a good bet but my sense is that if Georgia gets within ten they will win outright so I would take them on the money line.

I am not a Calipari hater. Actually, I have followed him ever since he won at UMass and, ironically, almost beat another powerful Kentucky team in the mid 90s.  Except for his brief stint as a pro coach, Calipari has won everywhere he has gone.  Yet, I think he knows it might be in his best interests to lose this game--not to tank--but that it would not be such a pogrom if the Dogs prevail.

Dogs over Cats tonight.

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