Thursday, March 12, 2015


Yesterday, for the first time since January, I spotted some grass in a corner of the front yard as I drove to work. Not much, but some.  When I got home later that night, nearly half of the snow was off of our roof.   Now, one can walk from the car to the side door without looking like a tightrope dancer as there is some asphalt beyond what I shoveled away throughout February.


Well, not quite. It was just above freezing today but still that is toasty.  Florida looms as an enticing locale after this stretch.  I typically like the seasons, but winter and the commute due to so many in Boston not trusting public transportation did me in.

Besides the weather changing some-at least for the time being--I found myself feeling elated on Monday night for reasons that only a sports fan can understand.  Northeastern, my university, earned an invitation to the tournament by defeating William and Mary.  Manhattan College and Wofford--two schools that I have familiarity with, also prevailed to be guaranteed a ticket to the dance. Finally, my alma mater is still alive and will go dancing if it can defeat Stony Brook on Sunday.

Strange, when you take a step back, to think about what can make one elated.  My day was highlighted on Wednesday when I spotted some grass on a lawn and could walk to the food mall at the university without a coat on.  And on Tuesday there was some spring to my step because teams that I root for are advancing in March Madness.

It does not happen a lot, but I was interviewed today because of March Madness. A fellow from a news agency asked me a number of questions about why people get so caught up in the tournament and can be glued to the television set for hours on end. (Today, a Thursday, there are over a dozen basketball games on. Next Thursday when the madness will be at its height, there will be sixteen games on the tube).

The short answer to the interviewer's question is this. People are enthusiastic about March Madness because sport can nourish the heart.

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