Tuesday, March 17, 2015

They all know...

In the Madness of March I relay a conversation I had with a fellow I met at a Las Vegas casino who was holding court after he'd lost what he thought would be a sure bet wagering on Winthrop.

"...Winthrop" he began "...Winthrop!  Did they lay an egg or what? They play great against Notre Dame, raise up my hopes, and then they lay an egg. You know what it shows, don't you?"

"What does it show?" I ask him.

"You just don't know."

"You just don't know?"

"It just goes to show" he says and takes a very deep breath, "that you just don't know."

And that wisdom is the reason why there are lights on the strip in Las Vegas.  You just don't know. Yet people think they know, bet their shirts, come out shirtless, and ka-ching go the casinos.

Tonight I was positive. Just positive that Manhattan would pummel Hampton in the first game of the tournament. Had I been in Las Vegas I would have put down a large wager--for me--on Manhattan. I have seen Manhattan play live, and have watched them on tv at least twice.  They are tough, well coached and beat a very good Iona team to make it to the dance. Hampton finished the season under 500. So, Manhattan was sure to be a winner.

Except Manhattan lost.

My dad had a great expression when he heard someone making a claim that Dad knew or had discovered to be false.  He'd say:  "They all know. And they all know. And they don't know nothing."

This saying could apply to my betting wisdom.

Nevertheless, unless Kentucky is laying more than 28, take Kentucky and give up the points when they play Hampton on Thursday night.

Kentucky will not lay an egg. Kentucky would have to lay an omelette to lose to Hampton. Give up the points and count your shekels.

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