Friday, March 20, 2015

Almost Heaven

The Albany State Great Danes, my alma mater, is the last one standing.  Since the tournament began all my other teams have been defeated: Northeastern, Wofford, and the University of Buffalo in thrillers and Manhattan in a tough match-up against surprising Hampton.

So now it is up to Albany.  My brother and I are in our hotel and will soon walk over to the stadium to join the other Great Dane fans and root for the purple and gold. It is unlikely that a 14 seed will defeat a 3, but we will cheer them on. Earlier today we went to a pub that has been identified as an Albany and West Virginia hub.  There we spotted Albany others in their garb and--despite the multi year differences in our ages--shmoozed about our alma mater and common history.

We were at the pub/hub when the West Virginia fans were watching their team defeat the University of Buffalo in a very close game.  The West Virginia fans were feeling very little pain by the end of the game.  I enjoyed hearing them chant for their team.  With the numbers of beers they seemed to be downing I imagine, win or lose, they would consider their spaces to be almost heaven.

Lots of good energy here in Columbus even if I don't have it. This morning seems like two days ago. The Albany game will begin at about 8 pm.  The second game at 10:30.  I doubt if there will be trouble sleeping this evening.   Since I am now getting senior citizen discounts at Dunkin Doughnuts without even asking for them, I might consider reconsidering my travel planning.

Albany will have to play a perfect game tonight to stay close.

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