Saturday, March 21, 2015

Night Owl

If I see 230 am, it is because I went to sleep at 10 and have been awakened for one reason or another.  I may glance at the clock at these instances and then do the half asleep man's stumble into the bathroom before returning to the bed and trying to make the most out of the rest of the night.

Last night was an aberration. The first game of the doubleheader at the Nationwide center in Columbus did not begin until 830. The second game did not begin until 11 am.  We emerged into downtown Columbus after, alas, Albany succumbed to Oklahoma and Dayton defeated Providence at close to 115 a.m.

And we were thirsty.  There are places, I discovered, that are open at that time of night.  We went to a tavern near our hotel at about 145 and observed the various characters who populated and had been populating the joint.  Our hope for some fare was reduced to sacks of potato chips and pretzels, but we were able to get a cold beverage before I saw 230 am.  And it was about that time that I hit the sack for my initial slumbering.

The games last night were interesting as was the fandom. Albany had a section with sedate old alums like ourselves, and kids who were wired. One particular fellow with a sign, was nothing short of a perpetual motion machine.  To my right in the arena was a 1980 graduate who had driven with his son the 8 1/2 hour ride from Albany, intended to watch only the Albany game, and then drive back that night.

The sad news for Albany was that Oklahoma had two guys the size of Oklahoma City that we could not stop. Also, every time we got on a mini run they would stick a three to puncture our energy and comeback hopes.  So, 69-60 and wait til next year.

The second game was fascinating to me at least.  Most of the Albany section left but quickly the seats (really good ones) were filled up by Dayton fans who had come down south from the cheap seats.  Dayton is only 67 minutes away from Columbus, so this game at supposedly a neutral site was like a home game for the Flyers.  And the joint was rocking.  A real advantage for Dayton.

They had several really strong players as did Providence.  I had the sense that the Albany game was like the jv warm up tilt for the varsity as the arena was not packed for the early game, but was shaking for the night cap even after midnight.  Dayton prevailed.

An amusing side bar was listening to the chants for the opposing teams.  For Dayton, Let's Go Flyers, Let's Go.  For Providence, Let's Go Friars, let's go.  One had to listen carefully.


  1. Hi Zeke We watched the Albany Oklahoma game with one eye on the court and one on the stands looking for you. Even engaged my wife who never met you to help. No luck. Fun game. The announcers must have said 100 times " Albany won't go away." A gutty performance by the Danes. Have fun on your journey. Gene

  2. Thanks Gene. We were sitting about ten rows from the court, about four rows behind the waving zealot with the sign. Tough loss. We played well. Their big guys just were too big.