Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Connecticut Women

It is still cold.  Woke up at an outrageous hour this morning and, uncharacteristically, could not get back to sleep. I turned on the radio and heard that the wind chill was in the single digits.  Third or fourth day of spring.

I read yesterday that the Texas senator Ted Cruz has announced his candidacy for president. He would like to abolish the IRS, same sex marriage, abortion, health care, and gun control.  Thousands of students at a school in Virginia cheered him wildly.  

My soon to be 96 year old neighbor cannot get someone from social services on the phone.

I have worked with someone who exceeds the 66 day a year sick day benefit our school generously provides.  It is an in-your-face I know the rules and intend to take advantage of them glob of sputum hurled at those who are responsible.

The administrators of the commuter and subway lines in Boston have proudly announced that the trains are nearly at 100 per cent capacity. This they proclaim as if we citizens should stand and provide a round of applause. My assumption has been that trains and buses running at 100 per cent capacity is what the trains and buses are supposed to do. But let us plotz in the streets and shout hosannahs because the buses now go up and down Massachusetts Avenue. And let us not forget that the Commuter Rail, could you bust, is now almost entirely functional

The discussions of Deflate-Gate still exist. It has taken two months for a blue ribbon committee to determine whether balls had air in them and if someone intentionally deflated them.  The claim is that the length of time for the investigation is essential to ensure that the investigation is thorough.  Sure. Where you work I am certain you would be given two months to explore a similar situation.

I pay my father's cable, phone and high speed internet bill.  I have explained to the company that he is dead and no longer needs the triple play.  It is a concept that is difficult for the cable company to grasp.  I have punched 1 for phone, 2, for cable, 3 for internet service until my finger tips have callouses. I have spoken to the children from Chelm who answer the phones. I have delivered death certificates.  The last bill I received included a late fee.

At least we can count on the Connecticut women. They won again last night blasting number 8 seeded Rutgers by thirty points to get into the sweet sixteen.

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