Sunday, March 22, 2015

Home Cooking

If you are watching the Dayton-Oklahoma game now: Sunday night at about 8 eastern, your view is akin to the one we had on Friday night.   We were actually a little closer, but the camerafolk were not too many rows behind us.

Having watched both Dayton and Oklahoma less than 48 hours ago, I can write unequivocally that Oklahoma is the stronger team.  They are deeper and there are some big boys on the Sooners. Right now Oklahoma is down by three. They shouldn't be. Dayton is playing a home game on what is dubbed a neutral court. You can watch the game tonight in Columbus and be back to Dayton in time for the 11 oclock news.

It is not quite fair to Oklahoma.  Their fans have to shlep across a time zone, Dayton loyalists did not even have to buy a motel room.

I predicted Dayton would win tonight, but now with six minutes to go I am not sure even with their fandom the Fliers can overcome the power of Oklahoma.

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