Friday, March 20, 2015

Hello Columbus

In less than an hour I will board a small plane that will take me to Columbus Ohio. There, today, four March Madness basketball games will be played.

For the last few years instead of travelling to Las Vegas to "cover" the games, I have gone to game sites.  This year it is off to Columbus.

I left my home very early this morning because while the trip to the airport is, during off hours, a breeze, it is a stiff wind during rush hour.  I did beat the traffic but then had over two hours to wait for my diminutive plane.  And here at Logan airport at 745 a.m. it felt like Las Vegas because when I went to a restaurant for breakfast and sat at a bar for service, to my left and right were people knocking them back well before many in the greater Boston area have opened their eyes.

Both the University of Buffalo my grad school, and my undergraduate alma mater are playing in Columbus today.  So is Providence and in this waiting area are a couple of men adorned in Providence gear waiting for their flight.

If today's games are anything like yesterday's it will be a thrilling next 20 hours.  Upsets and near upsets.  Two sons of coaches winning games in the last minute for UCLA and Georgia State. Two 14 seeds have defeated 3 seeds. And, alas, my school came so very close to being a third 14 seed to beat a 3. We had the ball, behind by 2 with 20 seconds left but could not get off a shot.

Yesterday morning some interesting news was sent my way.  Apparently, there is a correlation between increased frequency of performed vasectomies and the first weekend of March Madness.   Not a joke. March Madness comes along and more men have vasectomies.

Probably affects the seeding.  (Dad: that was for you)

My predictions yesterday reflect both my wisdom and the reality that these games are unpredictable.  I won a grand total of one of the games I predicted. Today I like

Michigan State -5 against Georgia

San Diego State -4 at St. Johns

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