Friday, March 13, 2009

six overtimes

This week I have spoken to a number of groups about The Madness of March. Typically someone asks me to characterize the people who travel for the first four days of the tournament. Those who go are, in a word, fans. When I was in Richmond at the CAA tournament last weekend I met dozens of George Mason University fans who were excited about their team's progress. One woman was dressed in a one piece green suit that could only be appropriate for a fan rooting monomaniacally for the Patriots.

The people who go to March Madness are those you spotted in the office today, Friday March 13th, who are having trouble staying awake in these last hours before quitting time. Their fatigue is due to something that many people could not understand. Your colleagues stayed up until 130 a.m. eastern time to watch all six overtimes of the thrilling University of Connecticut//Syracuse game. Then they were too wired to sleep for forty five more minutes.

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