Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lobby is happening

Certainly a disappointment that my university dropped its opening round game. I became a fan for the last few minutes and while we lost am nevertheless glad that I still can get excited about a game.

The official hotel for the CAA is jumping. The fans of the remaining teams are sure having a good time knocking them back. George Mason University fans are the most prominently represented. I sit in the lobby with four GMU ticket holders who are celebrating their victory. We chat for a while and then an older couple comes down wearing matching GMU striped shirts. They are a happy bunch and when a GMU player comes down they ask for, and are granted, a photo with him.

I feel for the coach of Northeastern, Bill Coen, who seems to work constantly to make the team excellent. Having been in first place much of the year and to lose in the first round, he must be heartbroken as are, no doubt, the players.


  1. Hey Alan, My wife and I were two of those GMU revelers! Finally getting to check out your blog. Good Info! It was nice to meet you. Hope we meet again down in Richmond next year!

    Jeff Schuler