Saturday, March 21, 2009

grateful red

A point of Madness of March: Bonding and Betting with the Boys in Las Vegas is that this trip for many of those who make it, is like a trip to disneyworld. And each block of games that the travellers watch, an example of a ride. Yesterday between the morning and afternoon games, I took the monorail to the stratosphere, a las vegas tourist attraction. Take the elevator up the 125 floors of the stratosphere and tourists emerge onto an observation deck from which they can see 360 degrees worth of this desert merged with hotels. There is both an indoor and outdoor observation area. From the outside viewing point, the entrepreneurs have mounted three rides which are evil knievel looking. Each takes courageous tourists out away from the building and extends them a thousand feet over the desert in what appears to be precarious space. This might have been for me when I was 20, but not now, yet the tourists were thrilled by the rides and one urged me to consider it. She was there with her son and said that her son made her take all three rides with him, but she said she was glad she had. I took her word that it was great, but had no trouble resisting any temptation.

Back at the Imperial Palace hours later, two dozen Wisconsin supporters were celebrating the thrilling last second victory of the Badgers in their first round basketball game. Wearing red tee shirts, reading The Grateful Red, these supporters were exhilarated having enjoyed the ride of viewing that game collectively in the charged atmosphere that is las vegas at this time of year.

Different rides, same sort of thrill.

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