Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Northeastern advances

Jetblue has tiny television sets attached to the back of each seat. I watched portions of National Invitation Tournament games as I flew out last night. Dick Vitale and Jay Bilas had gone toe to toe on Sunday evening arguing for and against respectively St. Mary's inclusion in the NCAA. Both Vitale and Bilas spoke of the talent of a player named Paddy Mills. I had never seen Mills play before, but watched portion of the St. Mary's NIT game against Washington State last night. This was a show. Paddy Mills made some shots that made Elgin Baylor, Connie Hawkins, and Michael Jordan collectively look like stiffs. One particular reverse layup will be on sportscenter highlights for a long time. Stephen Curry from Davidson and Mills meet in the next round of the NIT and it will be interesting to see if ESPN which carries the NIT will draw an audience away from CBS which carries the NCAA when the Curry-Mills matchup takes place.

On a very important note, Northeastern University, my school was invited to play in the 16 team CBI tournament. Northeastern is excellently coached by Bill Coen and a delight to watch because of its intelligent play. They/we lost in the first round of the CAA, but won our first round game with Wyoming in the CBI last night.

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