Thursday, March 19, 2009

get it done

The economy does not seem to be affecting the enthusiasts. The line at the Flamingo to place a bet was about 150 amateur bettors long. At Bally's at 9 a.m. the queue was as long as at any time I have ever seen it.

Walking from Bally's toward the Paris I saw a fellow in a Butler shirt. I said "Go Butler." His response was similarly terse. "Get it Done."

At Paris near a bar a long banner attempting to entice the congregants read "hoop it up". Someone with less than genuine enthusiasm for Coach K and his minions was wearing a shirt that looked like a Blue Devils t, but the D was replaced with a P.

Lots of people whining about Memphis not coming close to Cal State Northridge and whining about Butler against LSU.

The boys are here.

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