Friday, March 13, 2009

north dakota state

There have been so many thrilling games in the preliminary conference tournaments. The weaker conferences are playing for a chance to go to the dance. A defeat abruptly ends their season. When Connecticut lost last night in the Big East quarterfinals, the Huskies might have dropped in terms of overall seeding, but are still guaranteed to be invited to the tournament. However, in the Summit conference when North Dakota State played Oakland in the finals, North Dakota State needed a victory to advance and was losing to Oakland the entire game up until the very end. When they were ultimately victorious the group pile on at midcourt was beyond exuberant. When interviewed, the NDS coach explained the value of the victory for not only the school but a region. It will be good, he claimed, for viewers for once to hear the word Fargo on something other than the weather channel.


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