Saturday, March 7, 2009

scenes at press row

The press row experience is novel, at least to me, and I imagine most fans. I sat on press row during 2007 as I prepared for the book by going to preliminary tournaments, so I am more familiar than I had been. Nevertheless, the scene is unusual. The age range is vast with students speaking into microphones representing the schools and wizened veterans doing the games for radio and tv local stations or espn. There are about 80 people at two long tables who are doing everything from absolutely nothing, to feverishly speaking into microphones recording play by play action. To my left the young man from Espn radio has moved on from providing statistics in the first two games to doing the color for the second two. My neighbor to the right is taking notes for his article. His insights into the game are considerable. Behind my ear "HOW BOUT A CALL REF." Then when one is made, there is a sarcastic cheer from the very serious GMU fan.

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