Thursday, March 19, 2009

nit warmup

It is difficult to tell how robust the crowds will be tomorrow by what I saw tonight. There were people sitting in the sports books and some lines to place bets, but the lines could have been a function of a reduced staff. Several blackjack tables at Caesars were empty.

This all said, when Duquesne and Virginia Tech played their NIT game this evening a young man to my left twisted himself into contortions with each basket. Virginia Tech prevailed in double overtime by 8, which allowed the fellow to exhale since the spread was 7 1/2. Prior to the final buzzer, he bolted upright when Duquesne--then down by ten--connected on a three point prayer. This made the game suddenly a seven point spread and, judging from the reaction, nourished the young man's fledgling ulcer. Fortunately, a series of foul shots saved his day.

More will come tomorrow, though the question is--just how much the stock market has affected attendance.

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