Sunday, March 8, 2009

missing the memo

Nobody gave Towson State the memo that they were supposed to lose. They did eventually, but they played as if they did not realize this was supposed to be a shellacking. The last game tonight between GMU and Towson was the most exciting of the six I saw. Towson blocked ten shots and had it not been for one questionable call and one outrageous non call, the outcome might have been otherwise. The difference between a team getting close to the big dance and one that falls, is sometimes the difference between a charge and a blocking foul.

Back at the Marriot the joyous--and very polite--George Mason fans are enjoying the victory. When the team--also staying at the hotel--came in through the side door, the revelers rushed to that entrance and hugged them collectively with cheers and applause. After most of the players had gone to the elevators, some true loyalists applauded the manager who came in later hauling equipment and the energy drinks.

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