Thursday, March 28, 2013

Predictions and Beer

Not only did I not give Florida Gulf Coast a chance against Georgetown, I also gave them no chance against San Diego State in their second game.  With that indication of my wisdom as warning, here are my picks for tonight's (Thursday's) sweet sixteen games.

Take Syracuse on the money line. Syracuse's zone, when on, is impenetrable.  I don't think Syracuse will come out flat tonight.  Indiana lost against Butler this year and also Wisconsin.  The Hoosiers are losers tonight.

I think Miami wins by at least 5 over Marquette.  Problem is that the spread is 5 1/2.  I still say go with Miami.  The Miami coach is really special.

Ohio State will beat Arizona by 5.  Give up the points and take the Buckeyes.

Wichita State will beat LaSalle. Cinderella's coach (as in vehicle)  turns into a pumpkin for LaSalle.

Now, if you are wise, take just the opposite of my selections if you are wagering on tonight's games.

I found it odd and against the capitalistic nature of almost every endeavor in this country, that the taps were dry in the Wells Fargo Center last weekend.  We asked for a couple thinking we would need to meet with a banker to pay for them, when the attendant said no beer in the entire stadium by mandate of the NCAA.  The vendors could not have been happy. Neither could the Budweiser brood.  The arena bar area was jammed before the games with people watching the previous ones.  Folks, however, were drinking lemonade and licking ice cream cones instead of knocking them back..

Curious to me.  Usually pecuniary interests trump ethical ones and, if necessary, employ some transparent rationalization to allow the entrepreneurs to be successful.  Lots of dough left on the table at the Wells Fargo Center last weekend.  It was nice in a way not to have to worry about some slobbering nitwit interfering with your pleasure, but I think that these games were attended by few who go to games as an excuse to imbibe.  (And to be sure, the kid who was screaming, absolutely screaming, in my ear during the first half of the San Diego State was worse than any drunk I have ever encountered at an arena).

Sans beer, I suggest you take Syracuse, Miami, the Buckeyes, and Wichita State.

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