Friday, March 22, 2013


The Great Danes lost to Duke today, but it was, except for the scoreboard, a win for Albany. We, a 15 seed, went toe to toe against a team that had some serious studs.  Nobody on Albany's team could sit on the bench for Duke, but we went right at them and had it down to 8 with four minutes left. Very exciting.

There was a whole section filled with Albany fans.  We saw the former coach and it was fun to talk with him for a spell.  The only problem was that the two people I recognized in the stands from my era looked like Methuselah.  Which is what they may have been thinking when they saw me.

Almost did not get here.  Got to the airport last night in plenty of time.  I made sure I had my glasses  because without them I could not see the players. Made sure I had my boarding pass, though in 2013 you really don't even need that as you can print it out at the airport. Brought my ipad, and cell phone. I was all set when I got to the airport even though I had driven there during rush hour.

I get out of the car and go to place the parking ticket into my wallet. There is no wallet on my person. I scramble in the car to see if maybe the wallet is on the floor. It is not there. I call the office and discover that the wallet with my id without which one cannot fly two feet is sitting on my desk.

All I need to do when I hear this news, is drive back to the office during rush hour. Grab my wallet. Drive back to the airport during rush hour. And go through security in 60 minutes in time to make my flight. And, oh yes, I also had to be sure not to get a ticket on the frenzied drive to the office since I am not carrying my driver's license.

Somehow, using the GPS system in my head which is aware of various back ways to get to the airport, I manage to arrive in time to sit on the runway for 40 minutes waiting for my body to stop throbbing.

It was worth the stress to see my alma mater play tough against one of the best teams in the country. The Albany coach quipped after the game that our best player next year will be working for the stock exchange, their best player --and several of their players will be playing in the NBA.

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