Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pain in the Neck

The more times I go around the track, the more much of what is real seems to be a metaphor.

Late Friday night just before I went to bed I felt a pain in my neck.  Woke up on Saturday and have the kind of neck pain that makes it difficult to turn my head.  (Had it not been for the essential tasks I had yesterday morning of having breakfast with my good friend Ken, and the need to watch every second of the Albany game standing up, I might have gone to the chiropractor).  Today, I wake up and again cannot turn my head from one side to another.

So, as is typically the case as the rings on the tree have increased, I begin to see this as a metaphor.  I can't lose sight of what is real because if I want to go pick up the pen that is on the desk to my right I have to do it in comical slow motion, so it is not only a metaphor, but it is a metaphor.

I can identify some work and personal issues that are providing a pain in my neck, yet work and personal stresses come with the territory of inhaling and exhaling, and I'd prefer to keep that process ongoing.  I don't always feel a pain in my neck. So, where is the metaphor.

When I go to the chiropractor tomorrow, he will give me a quick crack and in what often seems like a miracle, the pain will be gone. 

I think whatever creates our neck pain can be addressed.  You can go to your chiropractor have her or him snap your neck back into shape and it will counter whatever created the pain in the first place.  The rub is that the source of the pain may be more organic.

I am not a big fan of the use of the word organic.  There is a store around here that brags that all their produce is organic and their boxed stuff is organic and even their american cheese is organic. And for this swell feature you can deposit your arm and leg at the cash register.  Thus far in life I have done just fine with non organic american cheese, tangerines, and cold cereal. Dandruff is organic. Not sure that makes it especially attractive.

This short rant aside, I believe that pains in the neck, can have as their sources something organic. And a chiropractor might take away the pain but it is going to come back.  Whatever has accrued, will begin to accrue again.   

So, when is a pain in the neck more than a pain in the neck? When the source is something that cannot be overrided by a visit to the chiropractor.

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