Sunday, March 24, 2013

march madness in philadelphia

March Madness in Philadelphia is different than in Las Vegas, but there are still scenes to see.  Our games were on Friday and will be today, so Saturday would not be in the arena, but in the various taverns in Old City where we will be watching the games.

A crew cheering for Michigan State sit near us at a place called Buffalo Bills. There are some very big fellows in this group.  A glance at their table explains how they retain their girth.  Chicken wings, potato skins, huge portions of tacos with lots of goo.  This fare was ordered up by the American Cardiologists Association.

We move to a place called Nick's for the second game and have the famous Philadelphia sandwiches and a beer called Yuengling that I have only seen in these parts.  In the back of Nick's there is a crew of sports fans doing a fantasy draft for the major league baseball season.  At the end of the selections the crowd applauds the success of the draft.

The people from Creighton in our hotel tell us on Saturday morning that our games for Sunday are at 710 and 940.  That means our games will not be done until midnight when we will have to begin driving back to New Jersey. We may take a pass on the games because of this time change, something that is having an effect on the scalper market for the tickets.  Yesterday when we were considering strategies for obtaining tickets we noticed that the price of the ducats kept coming down, as more and more people, we surmise, are figuring that the second game might START passed their bed time.

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