Saturday, March 23, 2013


Scenes from the continental breakfast at the Holiday Inn.

It is the morning after the Friday during which 16 of the 32 games were played in the first round of the NCAA tournament.  One of these games pitted the number 2 seeded, Georgetown--the number 8 team in the country--against Florida Gulf Coast, a 15 seed. The blurb in USA today forecasting the game read," ...the Hoyas' stifling defense should make short work of a tournament first timer."

The Hoyas lost by ten.  Did not stifle much. 

At the continental breakfast I sit at a table against the window of the hotel dining area. I am facing the elevator door.  The door opens. A father and son stumble out as if they are being pushed by a foul wind or a prison guard.  They are wearing Georgetown Hoya garb. Very glum.  They park their duffel bags at a table and get some coffee and muffins.  It does not appear as if they have uttered a sound.  The dad goes up to get some coffee.  I go up to him.  "Tough loss" I say.  He turns his head to the side and what comes out of his mouth is some sort of wheeze that sounds like a snore.  He can't talk. I watch the father and son table for a stretch and there are no sounds from the tandem.  Eventually, they silently get up, return their room keys, and exit.

A woman dressed in Creighton turquoise gets off the elevator.  She sees my sweatshirt and comments that Albany played a good game yesterday.  I thank her as if I actually played.  She is there with her husband and a friend.  I mention something about the game and find out that she is very knowledgeable about basketball.  Creighton is in Omaha.  Lots of people from Omaha in Philadelphia to see their team.

A guy by himself is sitting at an adjacent table.  He tells us that he is a San Diego State alum and travelled last night by train from NY to see the final game of the day, his school against Oklahoma.  His team prevailed so he is looking for another ticket for Sunday's game against Florida Gulf Coast.  He figures he will have to pay 400 dollars a ticket.

I stop by the Creighton table before I leave and I am fascinated by what she knows about the team.  This woman could coach.

I am pulling for Creighton against Duke tomorrow. They were lucky against us.  Florida Gulf Coast's bubble will burst against San Diego State.

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