Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winston not

Jameis Winston is going pro.

A prediction here.

He will go nowhere.  I've written about this recently, but will repeat it given the news that came across the screen today.  Quarterbacks who have had as an asset running skill are not successful in the NFL if the running skill when complemented by their passing abilities is what made them sensational in college.  If you run in the pros you are going to get hurt. If you are hurt you either cannot play or cannot play the way that made you special in college.

Running quarterbacks might make a splash but eventually they drown.

Winston, I don't believe is nearly as good at RG3, or Johnny Manziel, or Vince Young, so I am not sure he will even make a splash.

Some great quarterbacks, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, Joe Flacco--were not on anyone's five star list in college.  Wilson does run, but only when he has to, in order to escape. And he runs smart as well not taking big hits and running out of bounds.

Jameis Winston may not even be a back-up for a professional team.

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