Wednesday, January 7, 2015

But then I thought about the game

We've got to think about the game,
The game, the game!
Booze and broads may be great,
though they're great they'll have to wait,
While we think about the game!

My dad was crazy about broadway musicals. We had not much in the way of  dough, but we had records from musicals. I would play the hell out of them.  Damn Yankees was one of the records and then one year--and I must have only been about six--he took the whole clan to Radio City and we saw the film.  

The lyrics above are from the Damn Yankees song called The Game. And it is in my head this week because......I am nervous about the Patriots.

Is this a good thing?  The night before last I had a dream that the Patriots were on the goal line. Brady jumped over the line and pushed the ball over for a touchdown. However there was,in the dream, a penalty and the Patriots were backed up to the five.  And then, no kidding, I bolted up as if I had a nightmare.

I am eligible for social security, have begun to lose short term memory, walk with a limp, am losing my hair at a rapid pace, get tired when I think about taking long plane rides, get senior discounts at Dunkin Doughnuts without the attendant even asking my age, and received my terminal degree during the Ford administration.  

I have watched football games since around the time my dad took us to see Damn Yankees. The Patriots have been in the super bowl five times since 9/11. I have no bets on the game.

Yet, I am thinking about the game and concerned that the Pats drew a formidable opponent for Saturday.  I am not a crazy person like those who wait an hour to spew volcanically on talk radio, but I am worried about the Patriots.

Methinks this is not a bad thing, but a good thing.  We all need something to get excited about.  I will be happy if the Patriots prevail on Saturday and sad if they are defeated.  Not a bad thing.  I am glad that I care more about Tom Brady's passing average than the Dow Jones average.  

My dad would often say that he feels bad for those who are not interested in sports as they miss out on so much excitement. Another piece of wisdom from a man who, I am fortunate to be able to write, oozed wisdom.

Patriots will play either the Seahawks or Packers in the super bowl. We (note the pronoun) will defeat the Ravens by 10 points on Saturday.  Carolina will get shellacked by Seattle.  The Colts will defeat the Broncos in the upset of the weekend.  Dallas will get beat like they stole something when they play the Packers.   Governor Christie will have to go back to hugging the buffet lines as opposed to Jerry Jones.

We've got to think about the game.


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