Saturday, January 24, 2015

Belichick's Press Conference

Earlier this afternoon I saw a replay of Belichick's complete press conference on Saturday.

I believe him.  I've watched his press conferences and tv shows for 15 years now. I think I can read his nonverbal messages as good as most.  Once, serendipitously, I was on a plane where he was, in row one, with his girlfriend. (So help me he was reading, in early April, one of those pro football digest books you can pick up at a news stand).

I think he is telling the truth and that Brady was similarly telling the truth.  If I am wrong, as I wrote earlier, the behavior is reprehensible on so many fronts--even if it is done all over.  And the Pats should be severely punished.

But until and unless it is proven that they did do something to give themselves an unfair advantage--that was specifically prohibited--Patriot players should be allowed to enjoy what they have earned.  And Patriot fans should be able to enjoy their team's successes.

If deflate-gate is deflated, the pats will win on Sunday by more than the 8 points I originally projected.  And if so, I wonder if the trophy ceremony will not include some choice monosyllabic words typically not uttered on network television--words directed at the media, league and others who explicitly and implicitly pilloried the team this past week.

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