Thursday, January 1, 2015


Welcome to the new year.

Today begins the first ever NCAA Division 1 football playoff.  Regardless of the outcomes, it has done what all who were proponents assumed it would. It made the regular season meaningful.   There will be a champion who wins on the field and who earned the right to be on the field to compete. The playoff system has also had the side effect of making the other non playoff bowl games meaningful.

Predictions today.

  • Oregon should beat FSU, but they won't.  FSU has won games by magic and somehow they will magically survive today. Teams that run and gun often lose their way when a defense slows them down. I think we will see this today. 
  • OSU will defeat Alabama in an upset. Urban Meyer is the best coach in college football. He has rarely lost at Ohio State, and almost never lost at Florida, and almost never lost at Utah.  Saban is no slouch himself, but I like Ohio State today.

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