Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Party's Over

The feast of weekend football is over.  Fans of the game will begin to feel itchy over the next few weeks.  There is no more college football and only two weekends of professional games.  Three games in total.  Six months of depression loom for voracious fans of the game.

Some observations beyond that I picked six out of six games this past weekend. (Have I mentioned that before?)  For those mathematically challenged six out of six is 100 per cent.

[I have found when speaking with people who simply say, "I don't do math" that it is a revelation when I explain that "cent" as in "per cent" means 100.  "Per cent" therefore means per 100.  100 per cent means 100 out of 100.

To compare say 6 out of 10 to 11 out of 20, we need some common point for comparison. We'll figure out what 6 out of 10 is per 100, and what 11 out of 20 is per hundred, and then compare. 60 per cent versus 55 per cent. So we can easily say  6 out of 10 is better than 11 out of 20.  

 (Those of us who are not mathematically challenged are troubled by coaches who exhort players to give 110 percent.  This is not possible.  You can't do better than 100 out of 100)].

The non mathematical observations:

  • Urban Meyer is as good a college coach as there is.  He won the championship with a third string quarterback.
  • The college playoff system worked.  Ohio State is the national champion. Had the old BCS system been in place, a team that would not have been the best team would have been declared the champion.
  • After nearly ten years I still can't tell the Harbaugh brothers apart.
  • Whichever Harbaugh coaches the Ravens, he is a crybaby.  He was outfoxed by the Patriots and is whining about deception.  Next time we fake a hand-off we will give him a heads up.
  • I heard of a sports announcer who commented that the Bills had shellacked the Jets twice during the regular season, so then on what basis would the Bills pay the Jets coach, 5 million dollars, to coach its team.  Reasonable question, but I do think Ryan will be a good coach for the Bills.
  • Peyton Manning looked like he must have been hurt on Sunday. Either that or it is time to sing, "so long it's been good to know you."
  • It was quid pro quo that the Cowboys got eliminated by a ref's decision in the same way the Cowboys eliminated the Lions on a questionable call.
  • I wonder if the reason that Fox decided not to show Jerry Jones and Chris Christie in their suite during the game, is that the cameraperson did not have a wide enough lens to capture the governor's girth.
  • Aaron Rodgers' best therapy for his sore calf were the supportive screams of the crowd. The balm will not be present in Seattle. A torn calf is a killer injury so I think he will throw a pick or two in the championship game and the Packers can pack their bags.
  • The Ravens will be the toughest team the Patriots will play in the tournament.  The Pats will win the Superbowl by more than 8.
  • Ohio State will win the championship again next year.
  • Mariota will not be a star NFL quarterback. Neither will Winston.
  • I picked 6 out of 6 this past weekend.

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