Thursday, January 22, 2015

Belichick's Press Conference

(1) I believe him.  If there was evidence that he is lying, he would know it would surface which would make this denial worse.

(2) Don Shula references to Belicheat are interesting. Shula famously did not cover the field when there was a heavy rainstorm in Florida before a playoff game with the Jets who had a strong running game.  His claim was that they did not have a tarp.  Sure, in Florida, it doesn't rain why have a tarp.  A year ago I flew to Florida and the water was up to just below my knees after a monsoon.  Shula may be jealous since he had Dan Marino--maybe the best passer ever--for over ten years and got to the super bowl once.  Belichick with Brady is going for his sixth time since 2002.  And uh, Shula was the head of the rules committee and met with the referees for years. Coincidentally, go figure, the Dolphins were often among the least penalized teams in the league.

(3) The deflategate chatter has reduced the fun of having a team in the super bowl for me.  Instead of talking about the game we won and the game to be played, I debate whether there was air in the ball.  Everyone is taking shots at the Patriots.

(4) I hope we win 77-0 and Belichick accepts the trophy, thanks the fans and the players, and tells Goodell that if his dad had not been a famous politician,  the commissioner would be in a less prestigious line of work.

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